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Water Purification

Using Soil Microorganisms to Purify Water

The new technology has been tested in a fishing village in Brazil. Purifying water without electricity. Microbial activity in soil could start to be used for water purification without the need for electricity. In the UK, researchers from the University of Bath have been working on harnessing the power of[…]

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3D Printed Hemp Homes

3D Printed Hemp Homes

The 3D printing of buildings as well as hemp-panelled homes are among the green building trends sweeping the world. Thanks to pioneering technology, an Australian company, Mirreco is planning to roll out 3D-printed hemp homes that could transform residential and commercial buildings. A Perth-based biotechnology company envisions a world where[…]

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Supersonic flight - Boom

Supersonic Flight is coming back!

Colorado based start-up BOOM is aiming to bring supersonic flight back to the masses! Dubbed the “Overture” this is a retake on the ill-fated Concordes of decades past and it is their aim to take these vastly improved sound breaking birds to the sky within the next few years. Boom has[…]

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Augmented Reality Glasses

Ray Ban + Facebook = Augmented reality glasses?

Seems quite a few companies are in the march towards the augmented reality interface. The probable and the least invasive being the humble sunglasses. Telepathy started on this whole ride well over five years ago. Facebook have partnered with Ray-Ban (Luxotica – who makes way more than just Ray-Bans) and[…]

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Shadow energy

Leveraging shadows to generate energy

Darkness could become a source of renewable energy New developments in photovoltaic panels have led researchers to develop an evolution in photovoltaic cells to utilise both light and shadow, a reality of the application in the real world where light is usually more discontinuous. A similar approach to energy generation[…]

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Lab grown meat

Future food?

Or rather…..The future of meat based foods? Would you eat a burger, chicken nuggets or sausage manufactured in a lab? Some say that this perhaps is the next most sensible step in the production of meat for the future. It is pretty clear to many the sheer quantity of resources[…]

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language translator

Translate language in real time

Language translating earbuds The Pilot Translating Earpiece is designed to allow two people speaking different languages to communicate with each other freely. The speech is then passed through the Pilot App, where layers of speech translation technologies occur. At $179USD, the system is priced at an accessible lave to most. Waverly Labs is[…]

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Indoor-solar cells

Indoor organic solar cells

New developments form Swedish and Chinese scientists have led to a development of a new kind of organic solar cell that has been optimised to convert ambient indoor light into electricity. Producing only a low power, it should well be enough to power the many products that the internet of[…]

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Solar Roof

Solar roof revolution

Invisible Solar Cells So..how much income are the tiles on your roof producing for you right now? Probably zero. More to the point they are probably costing you money, with maintenance and the like. Enter solar roof tiles from Tesla thanks to Elon Musk and his teams to change the[…]

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Airpack Drones

AIR PACK drone aims to be a private delivery system

Send me a large pepperoni with anchovies! So…it’s no surprise that the likes of Pizza Hut are considering the likes of Air Pack as a method of delivery, along with a variety of larger corporations.  A step towards personal delivery drones being more of a personal gadget is also worth considering the[…]

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