Future Earth


Water Purification

Using Soil Microorganisms to Purify Water

The new technology has been tested in a fishing village in Brazil. Purifying water without electricity. Microbial activity in soil could start to be used for water purification without the need for electricity. In the UK, researchers from the University of Bath have been working on harnessing the power of[…]

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Human energy to power a ferry

Human energy as a method of propulsion is taken to the next level with this eco-design from Carlo Ratti Associati. Gym of the future, or sight seeing of the future? French city Paris is known for being a pedestrian-friendly city. While traffic congestion has increased, the capital includes a number[…]

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Shadow energy

Leveraging shadows to generate energy

Darkness could become a source of renewable energy New developments in photovoltaic panels have led researchers to develop an evolution in photovoltaic cells to utilise both light and shadow, a reality of the application in the real world where light is usually more discontinuous. A similar approach to energy generation[…]

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