Future Earth


Water Purification

Using Soil Microorganisms to Purify Water

The new technology has been tested in a fishing village in Brazil. Purifying water without electricity. Microbial activity in soil could start to be used for water purification without the need for electricity. In the UK, researchers from the University of Bath have been working on harnessing the power of[…]

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The Forest Garden

Trees for the Future

Not for profit organisation “Trees for the Future” has a goal to help restore our planet to its thriving former self. Their aim is to help end hunger and poverty by training farmers to regenerate their land. Changing lives, not just planting trees through their “Forest Garden Program”. Using a[…]

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Lab grown meat

Future food?

Or rather…..The future of meat based foods? Would you eat a burger, chicken nuggets or sausage manufactured in a lab? Some say that this perhaps is the next most sensible step in the production of meat for the future. It is pretty clear to many the sheer quantity of resources[…]

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