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Language translating earbuds

The Pilot Translating Earpiece is designed to allow two people speaking different languages to communicate with each other freely.
The speech is then passed through the Pilot App, where layers of speech translation technologies occur.

At $179USD, the system is priced at an accessible lave to most.

Waverly Labs is the company behind “The Pilot System”. Brilliantly simple, yet potentially groundbreaking tech. The system boasts the following features.

  • Converse mode for conversations
  • Listen mode for interpretation
  • 15 languages and 42 dialects supported
  • Natural sounding female and male voices
  • Quick access to dictionary and phrasebook
  • Provides on-screen transcripts of translations
  • Downloadable transcript of your conversations
  • Saves your history
Pilot earpiece

Launched in 2014 the Pilot has evolved to encompass “The Ambassador” targeted more towards the professional translation market as well as the every day user. Aiming to be shipped out November 2019.

Waverly Labs is touting its translator as an ideal companion for travelers and friends with language barriers, though it now also appears to be leaning towards professional circles.

The lecture mode opens it up to use in the likes of teaching and conference calls, with the company also suggesting it could be used in hospitality, healthcare, law enforcement and emergency services.


Future developments in this will only improve the senselessness of the devices and the range of languages and dialects they will be able to deal with. Surely this would be a positive step towards creating a world without language barriers.