Robot Loving

Robot Loving

Could the whole concept of robots as ‘partners’ be a real world solution in the future?

With advancements in robot technology and AI, it seems that robot lovers many not be too far away.

There are a range of positive and potential negatives associated with this sort of arrangement surely.

Robot loving


The ability to turn on and off your partner when needed could come as a great relief to many.
Disease free and lets hope virus free too!

Advancements in AI could potentially lead to things bordering on emotions which could prove dangerous.

Imagine a disgruntled robot lover logging into your Facebook and defaming you based on learn’t behaviour and responses  – potentially not all that it may be cracked up to be?

The real world applications could well see a benefit in the prostitution industry – taking real people out of the industry and replacing these with androids which would prove very positive in societies  from a health perspective.

Sexy Robot

Seen above are some robot concepts, I’m sure the reality will be more human-like in appearance – but then again……horses for courses.

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