Zero Point Energy

Zero Point Energy

Free energy all around us!

Zero Point Energy is a topic of much debate, controversy, research and deliberation.

The process involves over-unity (O/U) fuel-less energetics methods to tap into  the Zero Point Energy (ZPE).

Without going deep into the whys and where-fores of quantum physics and related theories, essentially, zero point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanicaphysical system may have, and is the energy of its ground state. ‘Zero’ does not really exist!

A significant hurdle in the understanding the possibilities of this sort of energy lie in the  perception which sees universal space to be empty. It is becoming clear through known scientific process that space is rather the most energy-dense and fundamental medium of all.

The Zero Point Energy of a vacuum has been repeatedly proven to exist by the Casimir effect, and is directly observable in devices in the nanoscale. In 1948 the Casimir effect was predicted by Hendrick Casimir. He predicted an attraction between a pair of neutral, parallel conducting plates when placed in a vacuum.

Zero Point energy

Zero Point energy in the nanoscale

This abundant zero point energy, which is…well…..everywhere, is also known as  ‘The Vacuum’, ‘Cosmic energy’ and  ‘Ambient energy’ fields. Nikola Tesla called this field “ether” or “Aether” as did many others before him. Tesla was one of the first inventors to build devices which would tap into this field as an energy source.

What is unknown to the general public and to the majority of the mainstream scientific faculties is that there exists a non thermal energy field which can been harnessed to produce free energy. This is an active field of current scientific development and research, and good progress is being made towards validating this technology and bringing real world devices to market.

On the internet there is much discussion of these ‘new energy’, devices and theories, some of which may seem far fetched or unfounded. Delve into this area of thought and consider a cleaner brighter future for all, just keep an open mind and remember two things.

1. There is abundant opportunity around us all in everything we do and are.

2. The Earth is NOT flat!