Emotiv EPOC Neuroheadset

Emotiv Headset

Personal interface evolution for computing

The latest developments in neuro-technology, with brilliant design by Tan Le & Nam Do, have spawned this revolutionary new personal interface device for human computer interaction.

Made by Emotiv this EPOC model headset features a high resolution neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless setup.  It uses a series of sensors to tune into electric signals produced by the brain to detect the users thoughts, expressions and feelings and will connect wirelessly to most everyday computers.

The applications for this amazing device are seen to be highly benificial to those with debilitating handicaps, allowing them to communicate, interact and control devices to help them with everyday life.

See the following clip as an example of the real world application of this product.

Additional uses for this technology include applications such as artistic endeavours, computing and gaming, and even marketing research.



The headsets features include :-

  • 14 saline sensors  for optimal positioning for accurate spatial resolution
  • Gyroscope for optimal positional information for cursor and camera controls
  • Hi-performance wireless interface giving users total range of motions
  • USB compatibility of dongal which requires no custom drivers
  • Lithium Battery providing 12 hours of continuous use


“We’re looking at the tip of the iceberg. We’re looking at the computer of the ’70s. Everybody knows this is going to be awesome in the future and do a lot of things.”

Nam Do, cofounder of Emotiv

The future looks bright for many with further developments of technologies such as this.

More about this fantastic device can be found here >www.emotiv.com