Seed Bombs

Guerilla Gardening

The Guerilla Gardening Movement

Much of our built environment, which occupies large areas of our urban world is often neglected. There are great opportunities to garden these overlooked and forgotten areas. Guerilla gardening

Such opportunities have spawned a movement know as Guerilla Gardening, and the creative devices know as seed bombs.

Guerilla Gardening, based on ancient techniques, has re-evolved since the early 70′s with original seed bombs being made from balloons and old Christmas baubles, which were often tossed into vacant city lots.

These seed bombs are usually constructed from clay, manure, seeds and fertiliser. Below is a clever way to get these seed bombs into our urban world from Greenaid.

Gardening gumballs

Integrated gardens within our built environment is surely a way of the future.

More information can be found from a range of sources online – check out you local community or start one. Check out more from Project Greenaid.