Emergency Response Solution

Emergency Response Whistle

Whistle Aid

A fantastic solution for disaster zones from designers Park On-Hee, Kim Myeoung-Soo and Jang Young-Seo.


The Whistle is a simple glow-in-the-dark blowing implement that survivors buried under rubble can use to attract attention.

Emergency Aid Whistle

The compact size and ball-shape make them easy to roll into the rubble area and thanks to their glow, they can be easily located. I suppose the rescue team has to throw in a handful, in the hope that someone catches one and blows the whistle. Inversely, air drops may be a more effective solution.

The only addition to this clever little device might be the addition of an LED light to assist rescuers even further in finding the individuals in need of help.

This little piece of engineering has the capability to save many lives and assist communities get back on their feet more quickly.