Carbon Negative Cement

Carbon negative cement

This great new material is called Novacem which has been recently awarded material of the year prize for innovative discovery – carbon negative cement by Material ConneXion.

Novacem is not based on a non-carbonate raw material, magnesium silicate, and uses a relatively low temperature production process. More CO2 is absorbed during production than it emitted. For every tonne of Ordinary Cement replaced by Novacem, CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 850kg.

Novacem Carbon Negative CementLess heating is required in the production, therefore it is able to absorb CO2 from the environment as it hardens, making it a “green” construction product. Regular cement is responsible for a large quantity of CO2 emissions, which is probably why this is an important innovation for the world of today, and the future.

Not yet commercially available, eyes are on (or should be) this products and those similar to it and it’s foray into the mass market.