Water from air – Fontus


Fontus Ryde is the self filling water bottle for your bicycle.

With this nifty bit of kit, you can harvest water while you you are on your bike, using the air-stream you create while riding in order to support a cooler which helps to condense water from the air.

Featured here is the bike based version known as the Fontus Ryde, the device connecting to a bike via a simple velcro strap solution.  FontusFontus Ryde

Fontus also have a free carry product known as the Airo, ideal for hikers and campers – lovers of remote locations. Working from solar power to generate activity in the condenser and fan, the device extracts water from the atmosphere.

Fontus Airo

A great feature of this innovative product id that their bottles are capable of continually filling themselves up, they literally never run dry!

These devices were designed to capture the moisture contained in the air, condense it and store it as safe drinking water.

Powered by solar cells, these bottles can harvest up to 0,8l water in an hour’s time under the right climatic conditions. The right climactic conditions for this system is of course humid to fill the bottles in fastest, it will however work in less than ideal solutions, it just will take a little more time, which considering some remote (dryer) locations, it could still save your life.

See more of this great bit of industrial design that can impact many lives and communities via their website –  http://fontus.at/ Soon to launch a crowd funding campaign – get on board!