Explorations into the future

Explorations into the future

Explorations into the future with the creators of humanity’s future

We now have the ability to program the world around us like never before. This window into future developments in artificial intelligence, genomics, neurobiology, synthetic biology, transportation and space exploration from leaders in these emerging industries talk about how the future is already happening around us.

The Changeable World

Bryan Johnson the producer of this excellently produced mini ‘film’ glimpses into the future through the minds of may leaders, or “creators of humanity’s future” as Johnson puts it. Their cutting edge ideas and projects can indeed change our planet and society for the better.

Step into this future via the following clip titled “Explorations with the creators of humanity” with Bryan Johnson and prepare to have your mind blown!

Computers based on braincells, trees that grow into houses, manipulating atoms through programming, eradicating disease….and more. WOW!

We can program anything with code being the new language of creation., which is happening right now with genomics, neuroscience and synthetic biology. The language of biology is being decoded into zeros and one’s – just take a look at the recent accomplishment of decoding the Human Genome via The Human Genome Project mapping the very building blocks of our DNA.

genetics programming

We will have the capacity to improve our environments through biology and  biological design to not only support the biological systems but to build on them for the better.  Instead of growing a tree, cutting it down, using mechanical engineering to reshape it into a house, the paradigm shift using these sorts of technologies would  be to engineer a tree, program it, to then allow the tree to grow into a house.

Growing houses

Considerations to harness the power of the brain, and in particular the neurons of the brain (mini computers in themselves – interconnected with each other) to rethink the approach to computing. Nature iteself is clearly more intelligent than our current thinking. Perhaps we need to take the lead from nature and how it works to help nature and help ourselves at the same time.

There has been an example that used 1000 to 2000 brain neurons to control a flight simulator – pretty amazing considerations for the potential of this technological approach to computing and changing our world.

So..AI (artificial intelligence), is something that often spring up concerns of computers overthrowing the human race…could well indeed create some fascinating and inconceivable solutions for the challenges that the human race faces. The capacity to problem solve at a level that we cannot even grasp.

Through innovations such as these we will be able to eradicate disease and aid those most in need by being able to facilitat better access to resources and solutions.  The definition between human tasks and where AI and technology can fill the void will allow for us to completely reshape our environments as we know it today.

Some of this stuff seems quite sci-fi and potentially unachievable – but it really isn’t! The Google self driving car is an example of the future happening around us right now.  With closer automobile evolutions including cars that adapt and morph based on the use or hazzard ahead. Surely the next step for this is to have pilot-less planes, driver-less trains, and unmanned space missions – one would think, are not that far away.

Google Self Driving Car

As evident in this clip, there are many evolutions in technology and in our paradigms happening right now, looking to build a better future for us all….as somewhat inconceivable future to most and even the leaders. Exciting never the less.

Things will indeed change dramatically over the next 10, 20….50 years to create a better place for us all, and it is all within our reach through people just like you and me, changing the way we think, for we can all do anything we put our minds to and help create a better future.

The question is this :-

“What kind of world are your going to help build?”

Learn more at http://bryanjohnson.co/explorations