The Zero Electricity Air Cooler


The Eco Cooler Re-purposes used soft drink and water bottles, discarded as rubbish,  to create an effective way to cool down spaces by up to 5˚C without electricity. This real world low tech solution is making a big difference on many levels.

An idea born out of Rural Bangladesh where over 70% of housing consists of tin huts that heat to over 45° celsius during the summer. Inventor Ashis Paul  along side an innovative team from Grey Dhaka and Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd came up with an innovative way to draw cool air into homes using plastic bottles.

Since February this year, they’ve helped people to install these units in more than 25,000 households.


How does it work?

The science behind the Eco-Cooler is based on the idea that the bottleneck becomes a funnel that compresses and cools the air that runs through it.

How Eco Cooler worksIt’s the same principle that governs blowing air through pursed lips — the air comes out cooler despite the body’s temperature.The neck of plastic bottles, helps compress the air. As the hot air pushed towards the rim of the bottle, it starts expanding. The rapid expansion of the warm air-cools the air down.

The simplicity of the Eco-Cooler is incredible: you cut plastic bottles in half and then mount them on a board. Then, you place the board over a window, with the bottlenecks facing towards the inside of the house.

A simple idea truly making lives a little better. Love it!

Check out the plans on how to make your own Eco-Cooler via the following link. –