Animated Footwear – ShiftWear

ShiftWear shoes

Fully customisable street tough footwear coming to you from an innovative brand called ShiftWear.

These completely waterproof and machine washable kicks give an individual complete creative control over the style, colour and graphics on their shoes, either animated or still.  Another fantastic addition to this evolution in footwear design and self branding enables a design community to blossom.

You can use the app (compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices) to browse through designs others have created, select them, customize and display on the sneaker. You can create your own designs and share them with your friends or sell them. Its a design software, marketplace and social network all in one.


The designs on the shoes HD surface will be visible in both direct sunlight and in dark conditions with the aid of a back light. Not only do these shoes ‘step things up’a notch inregards to interactive fashion, but they are sustainably focused as well, with each step you take, charging the batteries that drive them. Brilliant!!


Check out their website for more on this disruptive fashion brand taking the street kicks to a whole new level!  and check out their crowd funding page



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