Solar Powered Inflatable Lights


Accessible solution to lighting for remote communities in need

Luminaid is a company that has come up with a solar powered solution to emergency lighting that is both easy to use, accessible and easily transportable. The sixteen hours of illumination on one charge is impressive with the complete lack of a traditional battery – solely sunlight! Recharging in seven hours from the thin solar panel

Luminaid - Solar powered inflatable lighting

Both completely waterproof and having the capacity to float, this light can be used in so many situations both indoors and out. The areas where this product really shines is in the advent of natural disasters, being an effective solution for initial response to many in need.

Being able to ship 50 of these devices versus the 8 traditional torches to emergency response locations is a significant improvement – bringing lighting to those most in need a quickly as possible.

The rather simple technology enables an LED light to be diffused by the inflated ‘bag’, able to be blown up by the mouth. Charges in the sunlight and able to be recharged hundreds of times. With both high intensity and lower intensity light setting depending on the need and environment, this is a fantastic solution for many applications.

luminaid - Solar Powered lantern


Charge outside in direct sun for 7 hours.
Optimum charging occurs when the light is powered off and the red charge indicator LED is on.
Inflate. Gently pinch or bite the valve and inflate your LuminAID light.
Illuminate. Press the red ON/OFF button to cycle through light settings.
Use in All Conditions. LuminAID lights are all-weather devices. They are waterproof  and can float.

Check out the somewhat amusing video following form one of their resellers


LuminAID lights are made out of TPU (thermopolyurethane) plastic, a safe, and sustainable material that is 100% PVC-free and phthalate-free.

Battery Cycle Life:
Hundreds of recharge cycles, designed to last multiple years of continuous use.

Charge, Storage, and Battery:
The LuminAID uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery which has one of the lowest self-discharge rates of all rechargeable batteries. To keep the battery healthy, we recommend charging the product in the sun before extended periods of storage. It will hold a charge for over 1 year in storage and still provide several hours of light before needing to be recharged again. It is best to store the product at room temperature and not in extreme hot or cold areas.

The founders of Luminaid are looking towards further opportunity for this technology including increasing the size and incorporation into larger structures.

Check out the variety of products they have developed so far and more information via their website.

This product can indeed help make the world a better place.