Patterns exist everywhere!

Patterns - Jason Silva

Film by Jason Silva pointing to the recurring patterns which exist everywhere.

Our societies, cities, internet….all just a reflection of the same patterns in nature…all humming to the same tune.

From a microscopic level to a cosmological perspective, it is all based on the same principles. Perhaps we can learn from those patterns we are familiar with and share the benefits of them to create a better place for us all.

Life is not random…, beating around in the dark with a stick – It has order and structure, and beauty, we need to open our eyes more to break free of the paradigms of traditional ‘science’, ‘religion’ and the ‘rules’ that define them and our relationship we have with each, and open our minds to grow!

It’s beautiful stuff

– Jason Silva
Patterns Cities

Patterns nature

Patterns systems

Look around, and you too will see patterns do indeed exist everywhere, in everything!