Fresh Water from the Sea

The Water Theatre

The Water Theatre

Dubbed The Teatro del Agua, or Water Theatre, this invention by Charlie Paton and the development seems to be taken on by the Grimshaw Architect firm. Essentially this development will make fresh water from the oceans salt water.

A whole other application for extracting water utilising evaporation, a similar method as mentioned in the Airdrop Irrigation and the Fontus Ryde posts.

So how does this Water theatre work? The idea is to couple a series of evaporators and condensers such that the airborne moisture from the evaporators is then collected from the condensers, which are cooled by deep seawater. The Water Theatre

This produces large quantities of distilled water from seawater and is almost entirely driven by renewable energy.

The structure is orientated perpendicular to the prevailing north-easterly wind to obtain a supply of ambient air.

The flow rate is controlled by louvres on the leeward side, which also incorporates solar panels to provide heat for the evaporators.

It seem that with little energy,

‘enough water for a city’

can be produced, according to Paton. This coupled with minimal excess salt from the process results in production of fresh clean drinking water and a useful cultural space for the community.

Sustainable Architecture

A positive multi purpose solution for the future of water production.