Augmented tees for education

Augmented reality Tee-shirt

What on the surface looks like yet another gimmicky application of some nifty augmented reality tech, does indeed have further reaching benefits – Education!

Virtuali-Tee reveals wearer’s guts, heart, lungs and kidneys in graphic animated 3D. Kids will love the gross innards on show, but parents will appreciate the education factor through contextual learning.

The Virtuali-Tee from Curiscope is a Smart T-Shirt that your wear. The free app on Smartphone, Tablet or VR headset then replaces the wearer’s t-shirt with working organs on the screen.

It’s pretty convincing so parents and teachers will likely want to take some care before using the technology in the classroom depending on whom they are sharing it with. It is however, quite an amazing way to transform any run of the mill biology lesson.

Augmented TeeVirtualiTee Smart Clothing (image: Curiscope)

They are running a Kickstarter campaign to get things up and running and this will be the first place to get hold of one of these ‘smart-shirts’.

As Curiscope put it.

“This will just be the start, we’ve got big ambitions across all subjects and by backing this project you’re going to be helping Curiscope produce more of these experiences that get kids, and all of us, excited about subjects we’re disengaged with.”

A further development in this project of Curiscope’s was to link the app to a smart-watch heart-rate output so the animation is actually based on your real heart-rate. Awesome!!

Additionally to the awesome view of the pulsating organs, the app allows the viewer to delve deeper into the internal organs and blood stream for starters.

Virtual Reality

Check out more about this project at  and others at or check out the KickStarter and get your own shirt to freak out the kids!


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