Augmented reality to turn your world on its head!

Magic Leap

Magic Leap is somewhat of a paradigm shift when it comes to the future of our media rich future. Glancing towards your mobile device (most often a smart phone) has become the norm, an every day part of most peoples day in the first world sector for certain.  With a new foray into the likes of Google Glass and Telepathy, to name two, we have just started to be introduced to the concept of vision focused devices and only starting to touch on the potential implications of these.

“This one device could replace every gadget you own”

Such implication of this tech are follow:-

  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Environmental
  • …and many more

Clearly there is a need for this sort of wearable tech to essentially be invisible and non-restrictive to the wearer and society as a whole. Google Glass did receive much negative feedback with lot wearers, but most the public finding these devices to be intrusive and impacting on individuals privacy. It does seem there will always be a need for privacy considerations and the social implications of this type of tech and the devices that allow us to interact with them all. A hurdle to be cleared.It seems there is a significant future for augmented reality in our world with the like of Magic Leap highlighting the fantastic potential of the

Patent and trademark filings reveal the augmented reality technology that convinced Google and others to invest $542 million into Magic Leap.

Following is an excerpt from the magic leap patent highlighting the wearable device with links to the processing module.

Magic leap wearable tech
I think that when the technology is compressed enough to incorporate all the tech into one item (for example, glasses) then the uptake will be far more appealing to all. In reality, perhaps even that tech will shrink to the likes of contact lenses – moving towards being almost unnoticeable. Perhaps this will just become the next norm, with our world being an immerse media rich environment that we can engage with.

Seeing the look on my children’s face as they watch the whale leap out of the basketball court and the baby elephant play on the childs hands – I am quite certain we are heading into a fascinating and exciting area of our future.

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