AIR PACK drone aims to be a private delivery system

Airpack Drones

Send me a large pepperoni with anchovies!

So…it’s no surprise that the likes of Pizza Hut are considering the likes of Air Pack as a method of delivery, along with a variety of larger corporations.  A step towards personal delivery drones being more of a personal gadget is also worth considering the designers suggest.

“Hey Dad,…remember those fishing lures I told you about? I’m going to send them to your place now – check your Air Pack app!”

With its dedicated cargo holder the unit can safely carry everything from small packages to letters. Simply load it with the item you would like to ship, input the coordinates on the dedicated smart app and send it on its way.

Real potential exists with this sort of technology to streamline the postal system and make courier systems considerably more cost efficient. Might this however, cause a potential congestion in the sky as drone flay from place to place? Time will tell if this sort of tech is embraced from a novelty perspective or that of more of a commercial basis.


Source : Designer Raquel Fernández

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