Future Earth

LED Dress

Future fashion? – Hello LED

Fashion of the future may come in many forms. One of my favourites is seen here below from Hussein Chalayan, ‘video dresses’. These dresses are made from 15,000 LED’s. A model poses in a LED dress at its demonstration in Tokyo June 7, 2007. The dress, with light-emitting diode devices installed[…]

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Tron Light Cycles – get one now!

“The Parker Brothers” custom chopper builders (that’s motorcycles to us Australian folk), are building five custom light-cycles to the exact specs of the movie bikes from Tron, the 1982 Disney movie. These light cycles will also be street-legal to boot!

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Kinetic Sculpture

Theo Jansen kinetic sculpture

These amazing sculptures harnesses the wind, water  and air pressure, combined with amazing technical design to propel his ‘animals’ across their environment.

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Earth-Like Planets - Milky Way Galaxy

Earth-like Planets

There may be 100 billion Earth-like planets in the Milky Way, or one for every sun-type star in the galaxy, said Alan Boss, author of the new book “The Crowded Universe: The Search for Living Planets.” and an astronomer with the Carnegie Institution.

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Lifestraw water purification

LifeStraw – Portable Water Purification

LifeStraw and LifeStraw Family are both point-of-use water interventions. These are truly unique offerings from Vestergaard Frandsen that address the concern for  obtaining safe drinking water at home and outside for people with access to  poor quality water and at an affordable level. Lack of access to safe drinking water[…]

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